We deliver 3D logo ready for:

– print (business cards, brochures, billboards, tshirts, cars, mugs, pens…etc),
– digital use (website, presentations, social media sites, TV),
– any 3D animation, use with our 100 HD customization ready animations or for any custom ideas,


3D logo file formats:

– PSD – master file with all the layers
– any other formats: jpeg, png, tiff, tga, .gif, .pdf


Extreme easy for future editing.

Each final logo file is delivered in high resolution (A4) printing format with separate layers:


1. Background

– Turn ON/OFF
– Change color
– Replace background

To do above actions its worth not more then 2-3 mouse clicks, its very easy.


2. 3D Logo + special mask for editing

– Turn ON/OFF :) – but we dont really want it :)
– Move/Remove separate elements of the 3D logo
– do you want to remove your slogan? nothing simpler then 2 mouse clicks and it gone.
– do you want to remove 3D logo sign? its same easy as the any other element of the logo
– Change logo color
– do you want to change whole logo color? you can do that
– do you want to change 3D logo color specific element only? slogan, sign, part of the slogan or part of the sign? – with our 3D logo its easy


3. Shadows

– Turn ON/OFF
– Change intensivity
– Change color


4. Light Effects and VFX – those are special elements we often us in the final 3D logo composition

– Turn ON/OFF
– Change intensivity
– Change color


3D Logo Animation

– all our 100 animations are HD, you can use them on the website, yours presentation, before and after video, for TV and big screens,
– we can create for you any custom animation where only imagination is the limit. Do you want to brake to parts your logo? we can do that, do you want make it like a water, fire, glass? do you want to to change it into the sand and let it fall down? or transform into the fog? – if you have 3D logo we can do all of this for you.
– use 3D logo with any live action video,


3D Logo Animation file formats

– frame sequence – master files which allow you for:
– decode to any world available video format,
– use any frame of animation for website or presentation,
– quicktime .mov, .avi, .mp4, .swf, .flv


In the VERY near future we are going to offer additional features for customers who has the 3D LOGO ALREADY DONE.

– preparing files for 3D physical print, – each month new HD animations – do you need a new or additional cheap animation done for your logo? every new month we are going to release fresh, very interested possitions. If do you have a specific wish for a specific effect or theme, let us know and we will consider it in the future development.
– we are going to add screensavers feature for PC and Mobile – looped animations with 3D logo rotation or camera close ups and an amazing backgrounds to choose from,
and much more will come…


Does 3D logo will be different from my actual 2D?

The gaudy and intrusive glare of modern advertising and its implied reward demands serious investment in a logo that is not only self funding but fund generating. 3D logos are an efficient and credible embodiment of a marketing message. Communication is immediate and the branding imprint well defined and powerful. The decision for a 3D logo is not merely an aesthetical question – it is a strategic investment to bring in business, a definite statement of intent that the logo owner commands a presence in the marketplace. The logo design should be unique and adaptable. It should be able to be made to fit a specific marketing campaign say for the launch of a new product. If the new product is say, a chocolate cake, the logo should be incorporated so it becomes part of the cake decoration or the logo can be made to look like it has chocolate icing on it. A 3D logo can also be animated for moving visual mediums such as website headers, tv commercials, intros and pop up banners, screensavers etc. Finally, it can be made of many other materials than paper stationery and again the choice of materials can be tied directly into a specific campaign or product launch. A 3D logo can keep pace with the speed of modern marketing and advertising where the customer audience has limited attention span and the message needs to be delivered rapidly, succinctly and memorably. 3D logos can act as a chameleon which can easily represent specific situations, for example: – Over the start of your advertising campaign regarding any new service or product, a logo can be designed to visualize the marketing strategy line. In case the product is a chocolate cake, we can create your logo with high impressions of chocolate over the cake visualizing your marketing strategy. – If you are selling the windmills, your logo can be created with a lovely view of windmills standing in the Green fields. If you are planning a strategy for gold products, the logo may feature some stylish beautiful jewelry etc. – If you are looking for a brochures campaign or billboard to initiate, we can give figures to a logo that will be flexible and fully usable for the different varied situations of business. In spite of that a 2d logo bears limitations. We make 3d logo with high quality use of animations and graphics to make it eye catchy when it is used for your exclusive TV commercials, web intros, screensavers and many other promo materials.


What we can do with your logo?

We can give a variant image for your 3d logo regarding your strategy which may resemble to be built from water. It can burn, it can be created from grass and waving on the wind, it can be a very modern and dynamic animation. Here are a lot of means which can be created dynamically by us to assist you in improvement of your strategy by the means of 3d logos.