1. What do you need to get started?

What we need is only your current 2d logo or description.


2. Does 3D logo will be different from my actual 2D?

NO!!! We don’t create new logo for you, but improve the existing one and add a third Dimension to yours actual flat logo. All technical aspects of your 2D logo will remain EXACTLY the same from size, colors to all other aspects.


3. Can I get my 3D logo from more than one angle?

YES, upon client request we do prepare more than one angle views of your new 3D logo and designed from different perspectives.


4. Where I can use my 3D logo?

Just everywhere you want to. It can be website heading, power point presentation, business card, brochures, billboards, TV commercial or cinema.


5. Which materials my new 3D logo can be created from?

Only the imagination is the limit in the case. It may be done with metal, water, any liquid, fire, grass, plants, light, wood or anything you can imagine.


6. Can you animate my 3D logo?

YES, of course! We prepare and show you several ideas to choose from. Animation can be used for website online intro in the flash format, TV commercial…etc.


7. Can you make my 3D logo customized for coming seasons and holidays?

We can prepare your logo for any occasion you wish. For example, company birthday, logo carry by the balloons, or logo created by fireworks on the sky. Let’s say, we are reaching winter season and holidays, we can create your logo full of snow or animate it on the snowing backdrop. We can cover your 3D logo into Santa clothes or put on the Santa’s sleigh carrying by the reindeers….etc.


8. In what format I get my new 3D logo?

We deliver new logo in PSD format with each required layer like 3D logo layer, background, shadow, lighting layer and so on. Amount of layers depends on the final logo arrangement.


9. Can I or my webmaster customize 3D logo later?

YES!!! We deliver you whole 3D logo arrangement based on the layers so it’s quite easy to change or remove background color, logo color…etc. Files we send you are very easy to customize.