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We are building webpages from the scratch using the WordPress platform. Modern design, with special web fonts and stunning images from the Shutterstock is what you can expect from us. Also we are providing smartphones and tablets optimization. Additionally our basic SEO optimization helps you with better webpage positioning.
As we are aware of great importance of Facebook and Twitter, that’s why our webpages are fully integrated with them, and more! From the draft to beautifully designed webpage we provide you the assistance during the whole creation process.

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There are 4 creation stages of the website production:

  • concept creation – you are sending us your comments, recommendations based on the or any webpage that design you like.
  • concept approval – based on the content you’ve sent us and your comments we are creating the prevision of your new page and we are sending it to you in a jpeg file.
  • website creation – after concept approval the webpage is created on our server. We are sending you the link so you could see it in the browser. We are making last improvements and changes regarding your feedback.
  • The page is moved on your server with full functionality.

What you get

On-line access to the page content

Menu, subpages and animated headers, all these elements and many others are fully editable with
Wordpress admin panel. All changes you can make without the admin’s help.


Responsive Web Design

Web pages consistent with RWD (Response Web Design) guarantee proper view and functionality on smartphones, tablets as well as computers.
Page designed in responsive technology automatically adjusts to screen resolutin on every hardware and it looks very similiar, the only thing that changes is the settlment and the size of graphic elements.

SEO Optimization

Basic SEO optimization

The proper basics consists of, proper webpage content which is accurately linked to internal sites, which lets to evolve full possibilities in later positioning.

Google Analytics

Detailed statistics of landing page visits

Google Analytics Install. This is an Internet tool to web pages statistics analysis offered by Google company.

Social Integration

Facebook and Twitter integration

With account creation and setting up the initial version of the profile. It goes with professionally prepared headlines for both platforms.


Up to 25 profesional licensed images from the for free

Content assistance

Content assistance – support in preparing the materials for the page

Webpage building. Implementing and configuration the webpage’s elements:

You can choose from many webpage elements.

Webpage building

implementing and configuration the webpage’s elements:

Contact form

Photo gallery

News system

Google Maps integration

Portfolio Web Design

Choose from a wide range of webpage designs

2. Baker

3. Bar

5. Beauty

9. Clinic

13. Energy

20. Itservice

23. Marketing

35. Architect

38. BlackandWhite

41. Car Rental

46. Developer

52. Furniture

56. Insruance

57. LandingPage

71. Portfolio

77. Restaurant

91. Translator

92. Transport

94. University

98. Webmaster