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An animation can communicate abstract ideas that could never be conveyed via text, graphics, or photography. It can show everything in a very clear and concise way that will make your audience understand everything about what your company has to offer. Our animations will also show your logo in a new unexpected light.

Make your logo move extraordinarily and surprisingly

Get professional animation in multiple formats quicktime .mov, .avi, .mp4

Introduce your company brand hauntingly

Use your animation on web page, fairs TV screens, Facebook or presentation for your clients

Captivate your clients with dynamic, short and sweet animation

Make your website and materials habitually excellent

Get attention and make excellent business

Choose most suitable animation for your business and impress your audience



It is a creative and dynamic form which allows you to engage your audience in a compelling way. It’s letting you to enrich your story with graphics, videos, texts, music and voice. It’s a time saving method, even if you are not around, it speaks for you.

How the whole production process looks like?

  • choosing the number of the presentation.
  • collecting all materials as video, images and text which are going to be in the presentation
  • filling the presentation script.
  • script approval
  • scheduling the presentation into production
  • sending the presentation by WeTransfer service
  • minor corrections if needed.

Just pick the one w and we will send you the presentation script so you could see where to place text and images. Presentations are flexible to change. We can change colors of the elements, text, images and videos we can cut them, or make them longer by multiplying the scenes, add a voice over if needed. If you don’t have the images, I can help you with finding the perfect ones on the We have an access to the licensed graphics there, and this is a free service for everyone who ordered 3D presentation.

Pricing: first minute of the presentation is for $290, each next 30 seconds $75.

Low cost and short time of reaching thousands of potential costumers
Using several senses to hit an audience with offer, event resume or company values

Over 80% of Internet users frequently watch videos
Compelling video presentation stops visitors longer on the website

Excellent first impression increases trust
Stunning images, catchy texts and outstanding video arousing curiosity of clients

All materials in the presentations, such as animations, 3D Logos, and images, are used as examples only and are not an integral part of it.

3d Logos


You can get improved version of your company’s logo. It will be showed in a totally different angle. You will get a feel of depth, material feeling (metal, gold, plastic, glass). You will see light playing on the logo surface.

How the creation process looks like:

  • We need your logo file (it can be .ai, .eps, .psd, .jpg, .png, .pdf…etc) if you don't have it then we can get it from your website
  • 3D logo production process (one color/silver 3D logo – which shows the work in progress and then final color rendering)
  • High resolution layered 3d logo files delivery in the .psd format

Mobile Videos

Mobile Video

As we all know animation may be a big support for introducing more engaging content on your company web and social media platforms. With our Mobile Video service you can easily reduce animation file size and minimize loading of your web page to the minimum. Each animation you have can be optimized, to a very small media file mostly without loosing its original quality. So even couple of animations in one place will not have any impact on your loading stats.

  • Files can be converted to any pixel size and proportions regarding our customer's wishes.
  • We are also sharing a HTML code, which can be easily added to your page just by simple copy-paste action.
  • Due to use HTML5 our optimized animations can be implemented on any site and watched on any platform and browser.

Did you know that more and more of your customers are searching for your business from their smartphone?

According to Google, 95% of smartphone owners use their smartphone to search for businesses. If you don’t have a mobile animations friendly, then you are losing sales. With a fast-growing smartphone market, improved connection speeds and more advantageous data plans available – combined with an appetite for more engaging content — there’s every reason to believe that mobile video becoming a powerful channel for making sales. We know that that mobile video views increased 300% last year. That stat, combined with new data and market news makes it clear that it’s time for brands and agencies to sit up, pay attention, and start using animations which can be part of this market.

Supported Browser

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari

Suppoerted Devices

iPhone 3+, iPad 1, 2, Android 2.1+, BlackBerry 6+, Windows Phone 7+

Your Animation

Can be converted to any pixel size and proportions to fit your actual website