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2d Logo

$290 USD

Looking for a logo of your new company or a brand? Making a positive first impression is crucial for each business. Well-designed logo can present your company’s culture and values. A great logo is an expression of the company values, culture and people. It is an representation of the company in the best possible way.

How the creation process looks like:

  • preparing up to 3 concepts and agreeing on one version
  • preparing prevision of 3D one color logo – to agree on the final shape
  • preparing prevision of 3D color logo version
  • sending final files prepared for printing

3d Logo

$240 $120 USD

You can get improved version of your company’s logo. It will be showed in a totally different angle. You will get a feel of depth, material feeling (metal, gold, plastic, glass). You will see light playing on the logo surface.

How the creation process looks like:

  • We need your logo file (it can be .ai, .eps, .psd, .jpg, .png, .pdf…etc) if you don't have it then we can get it from your website
  • 3D logo production process (one color/silver 3D logo – which shows the work in progress and then final color rendering)
  • High resolution layered 3d logo files delivery in the .psd format

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$75 USD

Marriage of professional logo design and animation. Present your logo in a unique and consistent style. Introduce your company in a short and original manner. Make your logo move in an amazing ways!


$125 USD

Animated intro is engaging and accurate way of presenting and communicate short messages to the target customers. They can be a great material for involving posts. They can inform your subscribers about new offer. This kind of animation will involve your fans more and increase their mobility on your social media platforms.

Mobile Video

$45 USD

As we all know animation may be a big support for introducing more engaging content on your company web and social media platforms. With our Mobile Video service you can easily reduce animation file size and minimize loading of your web page to the minimum. Each animation you have can be optimized, to a very small media file mostly without loosing its original quality. So even couple of animations in one place will not have any impact on your loading stats.

  • Files can be converted to any pixel size and proportions regarding our customer's wishes.
  • We are also sharing a HTML code, which can be easily added to your page just by simple copy-paste action.
  • Due to use HTML5 our optimized animations can be implemented on any site and watched on any platform and browser.


$95 USD

A good image strategy will articulate brand and corporate personality, ethics and values. You can easy enrich your company image integration with our branding screensavers. I allows to show your complete company’s design. It will send a message that you are the company where the details matter.

Only available on Windows.

Web design

Starting at $1,190 USD

We are building webpages from the scratch using the WordPress platform. Modern design, with special web fonts is what you can expect from us. Also we are providing smartphones and tablets optimization. Additionally our basic SEO optimization helps you with better webpage positioning.
As we are aware of great importance of Facebook and Twitter, that’s why our webpages are fully integrated with them, and more! From the draft to beautifully designed webpage we provide you the assistance during the whole creation process. The price includes up to 10 site pages construction.