CGI gave my school a powerful animated logo and professional 3D look that aligns perfectly with my company’s message.

Diane Wing
Wing Academy of Unfoldment

Wojciech and the team at CGI Branding did a brilliant job of converting our logo into an eye-catching 3D logo for our website. The new logo ‘pops’ off the page now! The price was affordable and their customer service was great. I recommend their services unreservedly.

Tim Hall
Tilea Wealth Pty Ltd

Wojciech and the team at CGI Branding did a great job on our project. The end product looks great and the price was very reasonable. As well, they have a great process – we worked through a couple of drafts to get to final and I cannot imagine it going more smoothly than it did. We will definitely use CGI Branding again in the future.

J.B. Waggoner
Inovatia Laboratories

We purchased two logos from CGI, and both were definitely upgrades over our standard 2D originals. Thanks for the affordable improvement!!!

Scott Allmendinger

CGI did a fantastic job of transferring our plain 2d logo into an eye-catching 3d logo that has provided us with more versatility with our marketing campaign. The price was competitive and their customer service was great. Great company to work with!

Justin Spillers
Customize Your Event

As a privately owned fitness company we do as many things as we can for ourselves by ourselves. CGI Branding really took our logo from something I was happy with to something I was proud to show off. Once I had worked with Wojciech and established a very positive rapport of the company we decided to take our logo to the next level by purchasing a CGI Animation to really wow our clients. We liked it so much we purchased five more animations! I would highly recommend CGI Branding to fellow businesses looking to add a little “umph” to their brand!

Josh Lancaster
LaBlast Fitness

Great work and a huge impact by updating your logo for a low cost.

Bill Burk
South Side on Lamar

All I can say is WOW! Just what we wanted for a great price. Thanks for making us look good.

Tony Ranallo

Dear all. I am really impressed with your sevices! You just do the great job there. The pace you reply to my questions is unbelievable. The outcome of our project is awesome. You left me speachless. Thank you guys for everything. You got new loyal cusomer from Slovakia. Fingers crossed with your business!

Simon Summerling
English Success Language School

At first I was skeptical using an “online” company to update my company logo, but I have to say I am very pleased with CGI Branding. The logo and animation look amazing and I can think of a TON of ways we can use them to enhance our online presence. My CGI Branding rep was very flexible and easy to work with. He was a great communicator and I am THRILLED with our final product. Thanks, CGI BRANDING! We look forward to working with you again soon.

James Harding
Gist Piano Center

CGI Branding is nothing short of pure Excellence! 5 Stars – 10 out of 10 on quality, service and prompt response. The best description I can offer is that. I wish every business we deal with was as professional and responsive, and delivered excellence and value for dollars invested, as CGI Branding. I received a generic marketing email from them and opened it out of basic interest. It turned out to be a very good decision. Very pleased and highly recommend their services!! I purchased 4 logo options from them that We will use in separate presentations.

Ron Bennett
President QC Storage, LLC

If you need any logo animation carried out than these are the guys to use. Expert knowledge with great communication and prices. Fantastic!

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